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Fishing in Finland

Jouni's fishing Trips

Jouni's Fishing Trips

I offer you the possibility to plan your own trip. You can choose to go casting, jigging or trolling. You can also practice all these fishing forms during the same trip, as you wish!

There is nothing better in life than fishing surrounded by incredible nature. Everybody enjoys fishing in Finland. We have pure nature and clean waters.

Join Jouni's Fishing Trips with fishing guide Jouni Niiranen for an unforgettable experience. Jouni Niiranen is a professional fishing guide. This is the trip you need to take. You'll fish for some huge species with a breathtaking backdrop.

The wireless trolling motor will help you creep up on your prey. With Hummingbird fishfinders, you'll be on the fish all day long.

The day will be spent targeting Northern Pike, Pike Perch, and European Perch. The captain will let you know which ones need to be released and which-sized fish you can keep.

Also included are drinks and a light lunch. This usually consists of salmon bread and coffee or tea.

Your fishing license for the day is provided. You only need to bring weather-appropriate clothing and plenty of enthusiasm!

Book now for the trip of your dreams. You'll be the envy of all your friends and have some amazing stories to tell.

You can choose from 4-hour trips to several days of fishing trips. I can take 4 persons on my boat, but if there are 4 or more people, I can take additional boats and fishing guides with us.

During our fishing trips, I speak English or Finnish.

Jouni Niiranen Kalastusopas

fishing guide

​I am fishing guide Jouni Niiranen and I am a passionate fisherman. I have been fishing for as long as I can remember and fishing is a great passion for me. I have been trained by Finland's top fishing guides and completed my fishing guide professional qualification. I have also completed a rental boat driver's exam and a hygiene pass. I am a paramedic by my other profession, so I also have very good first aid skills. I also work as a fishing supervisor.

Targeted species and keeping sizes

All fish caught must meet the minimum size requirements before being kept, ensuring that the fish population remains healthy and plentiful.

Brown Trout, Taimen
Pike Perch Kuha
Northern Pike Hauki
Perch, Ahven

Brown Trout

  • Size: over 60 cm

  • Food Value: Good

  • Game Qualities: Excellent

  • Habitats: Lake Fishing, River Fishing

  • Techniques: Trolling

Pike Perch

  • Size: 42 cm to 60 cm

  • Food Value: Excellent

  • Game Qualities: Good

  • Habitats: Lake Fishing, River Fishing

  • Techniques:  Jigging, Trolling


  • Size: Under 80 cm

  • Food Value: Good

  • Game Qualities: Good

  • Habitats: River Fishing, Lake Fishing

  • Techniques: Casting, jigging


  • Size: Under 35 cm

  • Food Value: Excellent

  • Game Qualities: Average

  • Habitats: Lake Fishing, River Fishing

  • Techniques: Jigging

This is what we can offer to you. Welcome!

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